Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tony's successful return to school.

  • Jenny tells Andis that Tony's return to school was a success.  Tony was happy all the day.
  • Jenny noted that Tony although tired still wanted to do things last night.
  • Last night, Tony (in bed) and Andis (sitting on the toilet) had the following conversation:
"Do you want the doll?"
"Bu yao** the doll!"
"Do you want to see the waterfall?"
"Bu yao see the waterfall?"
"Do you want Thomas the train?"
"Bu yao want Thomas the train!"
"Do you want to go to school?"
"Bu yao go to school!"
"Do you want the glockinspiel?"
"Bu yao want the glockinspiel!"
Okay.  He didn't actually say "glockinspiel", but he most certainly would have if Andis had thought, at the time, to say it.  But he was repeating everything his father was saying.
**Bu yao is Mandarin for "don't want" or "I don't want".  Tony can speak some Chinese and some English.