Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wuxi Tony climbs and slides like a maniac!

Tony gets his 牛奶

Tony wakes up and demands 牛奶。
His father demands a kiss first, saying "First kiss, then 牛奶!"
Tony kisses Dad and then gets his 牛奶 (niunai means milk in Chinese).

Tony on Thursday Morning before he has to go to school

An AKIC Blog has migrated

The blog that was once at has migrated to  Microsoft and Wordpress have gotten together for whatever reason, and so I have chosen to move the original AKIC blog to Wordpress.  I just hope that this blog can still be accessed in China.


(Pardon me if I am repeating myself).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lining up Tony on the bridge

Tony says "Hello!". Golden Week Holiday.

Last night, I was in the bathroom when Tony  came to the door and said "Hello!".  It was the first time I had heard him say that word.  He knows how to say "Bye Bye" and "Good-Bye" no problem.

I am looking forward to the Chinese Golden Week holiday and being able to hang out with my son.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yellow Underwear

Dad got Tony to say those words.

Dad to take Tony to school Monday morning

Dad doesn't work Monday and Tuesday.
He will take Tony, via electric bike, to school.
Dad will do so in wet conditions.  It has rained the past few days.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tony brings toys to bed with him.

It is annoying to found you have slept on a die-cast toy...

Tony and a toy train.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Say "Bye! Bye!"

Tony is dressed to go to school....

Notes about Tony, late September 2010

  • Tony spoke in class recently.  His father learnt this from Tony's foreign teacher (a Kiwi).  Tony, being young for school, had not been willing or able to do this till now.
  • Tony likes the Pixar Short Films DVD his father bought.
  • Tony was so insistent on watching Mickey Mouse that his father played it on the computer for him.
  • It was a grey and wet day on September 22, the Mid-Autumn Festival so his father didn't get a chance to take him outside.  His parents did take him to Tesco, a nearby supermarket.  There, Tony after eating some things at a food court, dragged his father into the supermarket.  They went to the toy section where Tony looked at the die cast toy cars and trains (from the Thomas t.v. series).  His father was able to carry him away before Tony got attached to any of the toys.  His father, thankful for the first small mercy, took Tony to the game parlour where Tony rode on some toddler rides. His father was again able to get Tony to leave without a fuss.  Back at home, Tony watched t.v. and wrestled with his father.
  • For a second Tony's father feared that he had forgotten Tony's favorite little die cast train toy at the food court of the nearby shopping center.  Thankfully his mother finally found the toy behind the sofa.
  • Dad told Tony to "kiss mommy!".  Tony told Dad to "kiss Daddy!".

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tony and Cushions

Guess who is 37!

Thirty seven months that is!

Anthony Arnis Peng Kaulins!

Congratulations to his mother Jenny!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photos of Tony at a Canal Side

First we were on the Hui Shan Bridge.

Then we went to a park near the bridge. I took some wonderful photos of Tony. (Pardon the sunlight).

PIcking up a child at a Wuxi, China Kindergarten

Tony watches Wuxi, China canal traffic and sees a boat.

Strange Expression

This photo was taken after I picked up Tony from school on Tuesday afternoon -- my one opportunity to take the boy on a wander.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tony on the Tuesday Morning before the Mid-Autumn Festival

Wednesday, September 22, is the Mid-Autumn Festival -- a big holiday in China.

Tony's Mom took him to school Tuesday. His father took the above photo as Tony was getting ready to go.

What is your name? Wuxi Tony

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tony's father gets a security badge from the preschool.

Last year, two crazy men somewhere in China decided to attack kindergartens and harm some children.  Since these incidents, I have noticed that security has really been raised at all kindergartens.  As soon as the incidents occurred, many kindergartens had guards sitting at entrances and metal gates erected.  So the incidents were a real boon for the security industry.
Last night, Tony's kindergarten issued all parents with name cards that could be worn around the neck.  They were issued for some security reason surely.

Latest Photos of Tony

Sunday Night.
Monday Morning before going to school.
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Wuxi Tony puts on a Vancouver Canucks Cap

Wuxi Tony takes a bath.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tony and his Toy Telephone

Tony wears a baseball cap

Tony Drinks His "Niu Nai"

Tony sings but not along

Aija Zuzu

Notes about Tony on a Sunday, Mid-September

  • Troubles with the VPN at school so I can't publish photos or videos.  I will try later.
  • Tony has to go to preschool on Sunday!.  Because Wednesday is the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday, the students will go on Sunday to make up.  So much for it being a holiday, but that is the Chinese practice.  I have never had to go to school on a Sunday.
  • Last night, Dad sat besides Tony as he watched the Incredibles and the Teletubbies on DVD.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday Evening: Tony and the Dustcover incident

I suppose it was my fault -- everything is my fault. I shouldn't have left the Flannery O'Connor book on the bed while Tony was around. Still, Tony shouldn't have done what he done.

As I was laying in bed, scratching my notes into a notebook, I looked up to see Tony, who was near me sitting on his knees, had grabbed a hold of the book and had pulled the dustcover off, and appeared to be on the verge of crumpling or ripping it. I arose to sitting position and quickly snatched the book and dustcover away from him, and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that I was displeased. He seemed to understand I was very displeased for his eyes went big and he stared at me, and for an instance he was frozen. However, I then pointed my finger at him to re-emphasize he had done a bad thing, and he decided to slap me on my legs. I slapped him back, and so it escalated into a slapping match which I finally ended by pushing him down on on his back the bed. After I got off him, he rolled off the bed, seemingly on purpose as he did so slowly and gingerly, and he started to cry as he head thudded against the floor.

I could have sworn his crying was all an act so he could manipulate his mother, who was in the other room, to take his side in the dispute.

I picked him up off the floor just as my wife came into the bedroom to see what was happening. She took Tony from me and slapped me in show for Tony.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tony Photos

Wuxi Tony does his business

Wuxi Tony rolls Wuxi Andis on the bed

Tony is off to school!

Photo taken Friday Morning.

Tony sings a Latvian Lullaby: Aija Zuzu

From the Internet, Tony's father downloaded a recording of a Latvian lullaby.  He did so for two reasons:  to improve his Latvian speaking abilities (currently none), and to get Tony to fall asleep earlier. 
Andis instead found a third benefit which he hadn't foreseen:  Tony was singing "Aija Zuzu". 
Hopefully, Andis will be able to make a recording of this.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wake Up!!!!

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As you can see, I have called him twice and he is dead to the world.

Getting him to go to sleep at night is just as difficult. Last night, he wanted to play, and give a firm "no!" to demands from his parents that he sleep.