Friday, September 24, 2010

Notes about Tony, late September 2010

  • Tony spoke in class recently.  His father learnt this from Tony's foreign teacher (a Kiwi).  Tony, being young for school, had not been willing or able to do this till now.
  • Tony likes the Pixar Short Films DVD his father bought.
  • Tony was so insistent on watching Mickey Mouse that his father played it on the computer for him.
  • It was a grey and wet day on September 22, the Mid-Autumn Festival so his father didn't get a chance to take him outside.  His parents did take him to Tesco, a nearby supermarket.  There, Tony after eating some things at a food court, dragged his father into the supermarket.  They went to the toy section where Tony looked at the die cast toy cars and trains (from the Thomas t.v. series).  His father was able to carry him away before Tony got attached to any of the toys.  His father, thankful for the first small mercy, took Tony to the game parlour where Tony rode on some toddler rides. His father was again able to get Tony to leave without a fuss.  Back at home, Tony watched t.v. and wrestled with his father.
  • For a second Tony's father feared that he had forgotten Tony's favorite little die cast train toy at the food court of the nearby shopping center.  Thankfully his mother finally found the toy behind the sofa.
  • Dad told Tony to "kiss mommy!".  Tony told Dad to "kiss Daddy!".