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That's My Boy!

Tony can take poos by himself.

Any parent knows why this such a wonderful thing and is a proud moment in their child's development.

Now, Dad knows that is something he shouldn't publicly boast about.  And in fact, Tony has been able to take poos by himself for a while.

But last night, Dad saw Tony sitting on the toilet and doing something that had to be pointed out to Mom.

Mom, when summoned, saw that Tony had set up the Ipad on a stool beside him and was watching it while doing his business

"He got that from you!" said Dad to Mom.  His parents then laughed at their child's cleverness.

Grandpa Is Dead!

Five year old Tony, at bedtime, on the bed, was playing with some toy fire engines.  

His father recognized one of the toys.  Several months before, Dad had bought the toy at the Brandon General Hospital when his father (Tony's grandfather) was dying.  Dad gave the toy to Grandfather to give to Tony.  The toy was to be the means by which Tony would appreciate his grandfather.  Dad feared that Tony would want to shy away from his sickly grandfather.  

Grandfather died two days after he gave Tony the toy.

In bed near Tony, Dad told Tony that the fire engine was a gift from his grandfather.

"Do you know what happened to your grandfather?" asked Dad to Tony.

Tony said that his grandfather had died.

Tony's parents were surprised by his answer.  At the time of his grandfather's death, Tony had said that grandpa had gone to sleep.  How was it that he had learned about death?

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Tony likes Gagnam Style

Tony knew about this craze before his father did.

He likes to watch the video on the Ipad.

Dad then found him a music video with a pop band, dressed like Ultramen, performing the song.

Tony & Ultraman

Look at This!

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Tony Knows the Chinese Word for Mirror.

My son Tony knows the Chinese word for mirror.**

Last night, I was helping him in the bathroom.  He had just finished taking a bath, was wrapped in a towel while standing on a stool, when he pointed at the bathroom mirror and said the Chinese, which my wife told me was, for mirror.  

Knowing this only added to the mystery of what he was saying because he said mirror in an imploring manner.  I had to ask my wife why it was that he wanted the mirror. I thought he wanted me to give him the mirror which was impossible because it was attached to the wall.   She didn't know either, until she figured out that Tony wanted to stand in front of the mirror and look at himself.  So I moved the stool so that Tony could look at his reflection.

The vain little bugger!  And I am jealous of his Chinese ability.

**What is the Chinese word for mirror?  Tony said it ten times and I still can't remember.  One of the words was the Chinese word for self:  zhi, I believe.

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