Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tony Knows the Chinese Word for Mirror.

My son Tony knows the Chinese word for mirror.**

Last night, I was helping him in the bathroom.  He had just finished taking a bath, was wrapped in a towel while standing on a stool, when he pointed at the bathroom mirror and said the Chinese, which my wife told me was, for mirror.  

Knowing this only added to the mystery of what he was saying because he said mirror in an imploring manner.  I had to ask my wife why it was that he wanted the mirror. I thought he wanted me to give him the mirror which was impossible because it was attached to the wall.   She didn't know either, until she figured out that Tony wanted to stand in front of the mirror and look at himself.  So I moved the stool so that Tony could look at his reflection.

The vain little bugger!  And I am jealous of his Chinese ability.

**What is the Chinese word for mirror?  Tony said it ten times and I still can't remember.  One of the words was the Chinese word for self:  zhi, I believe.