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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday and I have to keep the entry short

Jenny says we (she and I) are going downtown.  Right now, she has Tony at the doctor's -- he has been coughing badly.  Once they are done at the doctor's, Jenny will take Tony to his school.  She then will go downtown and I will join her.
So, I have put up some photos here and here -- all of Tony.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tony's late Matchbox toy purchase.

Tony choose this toy, Jenny tells me. I am not at all pleased.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tony has gone to Beixin for the weekend.

Tony has gone with his mother to Beixin, his mother's hometown.  It will be a short trip.  They will return Sunday.  Jenny claims Tony wants to see his grandmother.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tony on March 25, 2011

He is about to get on the van that will take him to kindergarten.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tony shoves Dad out of the way.

  • Dad sweetly trying to tell Tony to wake up and go to school, was not meet with appreciation on the part of Tony, who, with eyes closed, shoved Dad away from him.
  • Dad talked of buying Tony a car.  Tony seemed to like the idea, but when Dad gave some specific suggestions as to specific toy purchases, Tony disapproved each and every idea.
  • Here is the first of two videos uploaded yesterday to youku (the Chinese youtube).
  • Here is the second of two videos uploaded yesterday to youku. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wuxi Tony Update: March 21, 2011: Andis, Tony, and a Truck #2

Tony's school send-off is one for the ages.

Tony, after some initial whining, became very composed and dignified, as Dad took him to the Kindergarten Van pickup spot, Wednesday morning.
It choked up his Dad because it makes for a painful parting when Tony puts on the sweet-guy act.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tony drinks milk

Tony eats a chicken wing

Tony on Tuesday.

Well.  What can be said about my son Tony?
  • Tony, in perfect Chinese, told his teachers at kindergarten, that his Dad works.  The teachers thought to mention this in  Tony's progress report, so it must say something.
  • I have just recently heard Tony say "Give me a hug!"  He especially wants a hug in the morning when he is being made ready to go to kindergarten.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tony off to school

Monday is Dad's day off. but he doesn't get to sleep in because Tony has to go to school.  Dad'll miss Tony during the day because Sunday evening, Tony did many an interesting thing:
  • Tony kept saying "trick or treat" because he wanted to watch a Halloween DVD he had.  Dad wasn't aware that of the Halloween DVD so he found Tony's reference bizarre.
  • Tony watching a  music video -- the Jam's "Going Underground" -- brought out his toy guitar, so he could strum and strut like Paul Weller.
  • Tony jumped on his Dad's back and wrap his arms around Dad's neck, so they could play piggyback.
  • Tony figured out how to use a spinning top toy.  The piece that can spin comes with a release mechanism.  After Dad showed Tony how to connect the top and mechanism, to wind the pairing, and  to then release the top,  Tony was able to do it himself.
  • Tony kept trying to put his pail of toys in an compartment under the water machine.
  • Tony was able to go to the fridge and help himself to his favorite beverages.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wuxi Tony goes Aaaah!

Wuxi Tony Update, March 19, 2011: Tony, a train set, and news.

Tony on March 19, 2011

Tony's Train Set: the March 19th configuration.

Tony looks for big moon.

Jenny passed on to me the news that Saturday night was to have the biggest moon in 18 years.  Tony overheard this, ran to window, and looked up at the sky to look for the big moon.

For me, it was another "Wow, he can understand!" moment.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Son, the Translator.

The mother of Tony, Jenny, tells me that he can translate English into Chinese.  She tells me that she asked him "Is it raining?", and he answered "没有下雨", "mei you xia yu" (no rain in Chinese).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tony locks his father out

Friday morning, Dad took out the trash.  He returned to the apartment to see Tony holding open the door and smiling.  As he approached the door, Tony slammed the door shut and locked it.

"What a little bugger!" thought Dad.

Singing a Wake Up Song to Tony

This conversation happened this morning:

Dad:  Put on a smile and all your clothes,
         And get up!  get up!  get up!
         Think of all the fun you will have with your toys,
         And get up! get up! get up!

Tony:  No!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tony gets a new car.

When Dad arrived home last evening, Tony proudly showed off his new car. Jenny had bought it for Tony earlier in the day. Tony choose the car himself -- a 1969 Volvo.

Wuxi Tony Update #332: Self Sorting Mah Jong Table

Hao ba! 好吧!

  • I gave Tony his morning milk.  He said "Nu Nai Hao ba!" which means "Ah!  Very Good!  Milk!".

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wuxi Andis and Wuxi Tony play with a train set: March 12, 2011

No up!

  • Tony's first words of the morning.  He has to get up so he can go to kindergarten. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tony threw up on the bed this morning.  He was resisting our efforts to get him up and ready to go to school. Immediately, Jenny freaked out on him because she thought he was vomiting on purpose.  Her harsh tone put me off -- I was thinking in the "Come on! Be easy on the boy!" mode.   But her authoritarian way did have the advantage of quieting him so he could be readily dressed and prepared to go out.
Jenny gets him ready; I then take him to the Kindergarten Van pick-up spot.  Having exited the apartment, and going down the building stairs, Tony saw wet pavement through lobby windows and said "Rain!"  I had another "Wow! he can say "_______"!"  moment.  Thankfully, I was able to point out to Tony that it wasn't raining just then.  Out of the apartment, I didn't have to carry him and an umbrella, but I did have to dodge puddles.
The van, that was to take Tony to school, pulled up, just as we arrived at pick-up spot.  Though this fortuitous timing was nice in one way -- no waiting; I didn't have time to be with my son and admonish him to be a good boy during the day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wuxi Tony Update: March 12, 2011

Tony on March 12, 2011

Tony loved his pickup truck

Buying the toy pickup truck proved to a fortuitous decision.  I took the toy to the playground where Tony had been for two hours.  I first asked Jenny if she wanted to leave.  She said she definitely wanted to, because she was bored after having watched Tony play for two hours.  Her saying this made it easy for me to give the toy to Tony there and then.  Tony saw the toy, in package, and became very excited.  We had no trouble getting him to leave the playground.
And Tony has played with the toy all evening since he got it.
And he then took the toy to bed with him.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tony is going to get a Matchbox Pickup Truck!

Tony to go downtown and see "waterfall!"

Tony Kaulins will set the downtown of Wuxi on fire!

Saturday, Tony doesn't go to school. (This is China, so I have to say such things.)  So, Jenny and Tony will come downtown (I am downtown as I type this) so Tony can go to a playground.

Tony calls the playground place "waterfall" because outside the building, containing the playground, there is a waterfall.

If Tony comes to school, I have a Matchbox pick-up truck for him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tony said "Go Daddy!"

Tony wasn't cheering me on when he said that.  He wasn't even telling me to leave.  He was merely telling Mom that he was going to snuggle up with me.

Last night, T&J (Tony and Jenny) were in bed when I arrived home from work.  After eating a little and washing my feet, I joined them.  Tony was snuggled up to Mom.  He said "Go Daddy!" and then snuggled up to me.  

It is not too often that Tony prefers me to Mom.  He usually only does so when he has made his Mom cross.  Last night, I think it was a more case of him not having seen his father all day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Notes about a Tony who is 42 months and 23 days old.

  • Tony has a cold.  He coughs a raspy cough and he has a runny nose.
  • When I got home from work last night, Tony was in bed.  This is a good thing when I am arriving home at ten o'clock.
  • I walk away from Tony, and he will say "Daddy?  Where are you going?"
  • Tony will also ask me "What are you doing?"
  • I arrive home last night, and like I said, Tony was in bed.  I yell from the entrance of the apartment, "Hello Tony!"  Tony responds with a "Hello Daddy!"
  • Tony has a bad habit of disassembling his train to put new batteries in it, even if the older batteries haven't been completely exhausted.
  • Tony has been watching lots of Tom and Jerry cartoons lately.  They make him giggle uncontrollably at times.
  • I got Tony to help me move some dry clothes to the bedroom so I could put them away.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tony cries going to school

Last night, Tony had his bath and then went to bed early.  His only demand was that Dad cuddle up to him, and Dad obliged him. 
Dad appreciates these bedtime moments because Tony is an angel when sleepy.  Dad also realizes that he has to appreciate the moments because Tony is growing quickly and will be a teenager in the blink of an eye -- Dad's eye.
Dad expected Tony is wake up easily this morning because Tony was having a good night's sleep. But Tony was miserable, and stayed miserable when he was loaded on the Van that would take him to kindergarten.  Tony even took his school bag and threw it in a garbage can.  "No Bag!" was Tony's refrain.
Tony was having such a good sleep that he didn't want to be pulled away from it.

One more thing

Something happened yesterday night that I should have mentioned in the blog.
Dad couldn't get Tony to go to bed early.  Tony, as usual, put up a big fuss.  So, Dad reluctantly let Tony stay up. Dad went to bed early by himself.  Tony went to bed later.
When Tony decided it was bedtime for him, he jumped on the bed, took off his socks and his sweater, and laid himself beside Dad who watched, slight amazed, still, that Tony was doing this by himself.
Dad than asked Mom if she had forced Tony to go to bed.  She said she didn't and that Tony had gone to bed of his own volition.  Mom figured that Tony didn't liked being forced to do things.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"We did it!"

  • Tony will say "We did it!" after something has been accomplished,  whether by him,  or by another person, or by him and others.  He picked from the expression from a show called Dora the Explorer where, I guess, they don't say "I did it!" or "you did it!"
  • Tony took his new toy, the red fire engine, with him to school yesterday.  Dad was relieved to see the toy in Tony hands at the end of day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wuxi Tony lines up his toy cars and train engines: March 6, 2011.

Tony looks cute when asleep.

Too bad, Dad has to wake him up so he can go to kindergarten.

Tony displays incredible arrogance after lining up his toys.

Tony gets a new toy truck!

Tony and Jenny went away to Nanjing. So Dad went shopping and bought Tony the toy above.

Dad had never seen Tony so excited to get a toy.
Tony jumped up and down and said "we did it!"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Did Tony enjoy being on the train?

Dad had assumed Tony would have enjoyed being on the train yesterday from Wuxi to Nanjing.  But talking to his wife last night, he realized that he had forgotten one little logistical consideration.  Tony wanted to walk around the train.  When his Dad is with him, it is not a problem.  But there was just Tony and Jenny on the train yesterday.  Jenny wasn't interested in leaving her seat, and so, she and Tony had a disagreement.
Too bad.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tony wasn't a happy waker-upper.

Tony had to be up a little earlier this morning because Jenny was to take him to Nanjing.  Andis tried to get him out of bed, but Tony resisted.  Andis told him that today they would go to the train station and ride a train.  Tony wasn't interested and said "no train!"  Andis then tried to dress Tony, but Tony flopped and wailed like a man with fire ants in his pants.  

Jenny eventually had to take over and calm Tony down.  Andis then tried to join in but Tony slapped him.

Andis tried to give Tony some toys, but Tony said "no toys!"

Once, Tony was dressed and at the train station, his outlook on life brightened, and he said "train" and "track" happily.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tony is going to Nanjing.

Tony is going to Nanjing with his mother this weekend.  They will be attending a party for a new-born baby that one of Jenny's friends recently had.

Tony, I am sure, will be thrilled, to be taking "the train."

Wuxi Tony Laughs and Flops