Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tony threw up on the bed this morning.  He was resisting our efforts to get him up and ready to go to school. Immediately, Jenny freaked out on him because she thought he was vomiting on purpose.  Her harsh tone put me off -- I was thinking in the "Come on! Be easy on the boy!" mode.   But her authoritarian way did have the advantage of quieting him so he could be readily dressed and prepared to go out.
Jenny gets him ready; I then take him to the Kindergarten Van pick-up spot.  Having exited the apartment, and going down the building stairs, Tony saw wet pavement through lobby windows and said "Rain!"  I had another "Wow! he can say "_______"!"  moment.  Thankfully, I was able to point out to Tony that it wasn't raining just then.  Out of the apartment, I didn't have to carry him and an umbrella, but I did have to dodge puddles.
The van, that was to take Tony to school, pulled up, just as we arrived at pick-up spot.  Though this fortuitous timing was nice in one way -- no waiting; I didn't have time to be with my son and admonish him to be a good boy during the day.