Friday, September 3, 2010

Tony on a Friday Night

Tony's father arrived home late on Friday evening, but Tony was at the door to greet him when he did.  Andis had purchased a Thomas the Tank Engine toy for Tony.  Andis immediately gave the toy to Tony who said 'thank you!' when he received.  The toy generated a little controversy with Tony's mother because she thought it was too expensive.  Andis, however, had been determined to get Tony the toy because Tony had been pining for a Thomas toy for the last month.

Tony played with the toy all the rest of the evening till he fell asleep.  When he woke up on Saturday, he immediately played with it.  So happy was Tony with the toy that he actually kissed it.

Andis also put some new MP3s on his mobile phone and played them for Tony.  One song, The Last of International Playboys by Morrissey, was a particular favorite of Tony -- he listened to it over and over again.  When Andis tried to play another song -- Tony became upset.  Andis could only shut off the MP3 player after Tony fell asleep.