Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday Evening: Tony and the Dustcover incident

I suppose it was my fault -- everything is my fault. I shouldn't have left the Flannery O'Connor book on the bed while Tony was around. Still, Tony shouldn't have done what he done.

As I was laying in bed, scratching my notes into a notebook, I looked up to see Tony, who was near me sitting on his knees, had grabbed a hold of the book and had pulled the dustcover off, and appeared to be on the verge of crumpling or ripping it. I arose to sitting position and quickly snatched the book and dustcover away from him, and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that I was displeased. He seemed to understand I was very displeased for his eyes went big and he stared at me, and for an instance he was frozen. However, I then pointed my finger at him to re-emphasize he had done a bad thing, and he decided to slap me on my legs. I slapped him back, and so it escalated into a slapping match which I finally ended by pushing him down on on his back the bed. After I got off him, he rolled off the bed, seemingly on purpose as he did so slowly and gingerly, and he started to cry as he head thudded against the floor.

I could have sworn his crying was all an act so he could manipulate his mother, who was in the other room, to take his side in the dispute.

I picked him up off the floor just as my wife came into the bedroom to see what was happening. She took Tony from me and slapped me in show for Tony.