Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little things Tony can now do

As I have said over and over again, Tony's quick development amazes me.  I shouldn't be amazed by it, I know.  But it is my son and I can't be blase about him.
Here are some things he did that struck me as worth of reporting to the very rare readers of this blog:
  • Tony corrected himself saying something.  Tony said "bu ya something".  He meant to say "bu yao something".  And he corrected himself and said what he meant to say. (the "bu yao" is Chinese for "don't want!")
  • Tony took all his cars and put them on the track from his train set, so he could push them around the track.  It was something that I had been doing it, and he copied.
  • Tony asks me to move his little chair and table to a spot closer to the t.v.  He moved all the toys that had been on the spot and directed me to move the furniture.  He then sat on his chair and read his Barney the Dinosaur book.  He showed off for me as he read showing all the words he knew.
All these things he did, though ordinary, are firsts for me to witness.
"To see something through a child's eye, is to see things anew."