Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tony watches An American in Paris

  • It is nice to see Tony likes watching parts of old Hollywood musicals.  I was worried about his liking just The Jam, U2, and Queen.  There was a scene in An American in Paris where Gene Kelley danced for some children -- Tony laughed watching it and then tried to imitate Gene Kelley's moves.  I very much enjoyed seeing that.
  • Tony said he lied.  He said he didn't want to pee when in fact he did.  We took him to the toilet and he did his business.  Afterwards, he said to him mother, in Chinese, that he had lied about not wanting to pee.
  • When I left home Wednesday Morning, I told Tony "bye bye!"  He said "bu yao bye bye" meaning he didn't want to say "bye-bye!".  Did he fact mean that he didn't want Daddy to leave?  Maybe.  But then maybe he was lying.