Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tales of Tony at the 101 hospital and at a restaurant.

  • I learned that the 101 hospital is named after some Chinese military unit: the 101th.
  • Tony and Jenny are in a hospital room with two other beds. There is a family next to them with a sick infant. One female member of the family is weak with sunken cheeks and a weak chin. When she walked, she limped slightly. I felt sorry for her. Perhaps she was the infant's mother. An older woman was looking after the baby. I see lots of people like this in China. I shudder to think of the impoverishment of their lives.
  • We went to the Amazon Buffet Restaurant for supper. When one of us would return to the table with a plate of food, Tony would say "______ (someone) lai le" which is Chinese for "someone has arrived.
  • Tony can fake being asleep by doing fake snoring. He must have learned that from me.
  • Tony loves looking at goldfish anytime he goes to a restaurant.
  • At the restaurant, Tony asked for his Thomas the train engine by name. I am not sure if he understood us when we said it was back at the hospital.
  • Tony threw up at the hospital.
  • A boy in a room had a toy that Tony took a fancy to. So much did Tony take a fancy to the toy, that he protested vigorously when he had to give it back. Wednesday morning, I brought Tony a couple of his matchbox cars. These didn't take Tony's mind off the other boy's toy. In fact, he waved his matchbox cars in the direction of the boy. I first didn't realize what he wanted but then it dawned on me that Tony was trying to trade his cars for the other boy's toys. I'd never seen him try to make an exchange before. I will say again. Children grow quickly.
  • Tony runs so fast now, that Jenny tells me she can't catch him.