Monday, November 29, 2010

Tony and his father invent a game that they both can play.

When Tony takes a bath, he bathes in a smaller bathtub which we put in the bigger bathtub in our apartment. Tony, more often than not, likes to stand outside the tub while he plays with his boat and other toys.

Tony also likes to take a bath while supervised -- whenever I watch him in the tub, he will protest if I leave the bathroom. He will also protest if we ask him to leave the tub and get dressed. So I often read or listen to a podcast, in the bathroom, while Tony does his thing.

Last night, I decided to give him more attention, and, in doing so, Tony and I found a game we could play to amuse ourselves. Tony suddenly thought it was a great idea to throw his facecloth in the tub. I found the splash annoying and I tried to stop him, and so we came up with a game. The object of this game is for Tony to try to get the facecloth in the tub, to score a goal as it were, and me to stop him, like a goal or bath tender.