Monday, November 8, 2010

Tony in the hospital

Tony is in the hospital because of a fever and a bad cough he has got.  The cough he has had for a few weeks, along with many of his classmates.  The fever happened overnight Monday.  Jenny tried to get him into a hospital right away Monday morning (I was wondering if I had a wife who liked to take her child to the hospital for any reason).   She couldn't, and so Tony did spend some time at home Monday- he laid on the sofa beside his father for a while.  Jenny eventually found a hospital, military hospital actually, to take him to, and so the K family went there in the mid-afternoon. (The military hospital does have a military look to it with people in military uniform but otherwise it looks like an ordinary military hospital)
Tony has an apparatus, for having "the drip" administered, on his one wrist.