Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tony hurts himself at Zoo

Blame it on the Zebra. 

Tony went on a school trip to the Zoo on Wednesday.

While there, Tony ran to look at the Zebra, but he didn't see the step that was just in front of the cage.  He tripped over the step and fell on his face.  He got scratches on his nose and a very swelled upper lip.  The teachers told Jenny that he didn't cry.

When Tony got off the bus, back at the school, Jenny said she didn't recognize him -- his lip swelled so much.

I didn't hear about it till I arrived home.  I nearly tripped over the fruit basket that the teachers had bought to apologize for what happened.

Tony didn't go to school today.  Jenny said he said that he had mouth pain.  Jenny may take him to the hospital.  I think Tony will be fine after a few days -- I want him to come with me on my school field trip to a Suzhou Halloween theme park.