Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony at the Suzhou Amusement Park: Notes

  • Tony was excited at the prospect of riding a carousel -- first ride.
  • He was too short for many of the rides.  So we only did two.
  • Waiting to get on the second ride, Tony did not like to stand still in the cattle gates used to get people to queue.  I had to let him over the fence, with the desire to let him run, and with the hope that he would come back to me when the queue could move and enter the ride.  One time I caught him and lifted him over the fence so he would be back with me, but he insisted on being let go.  So, I let him go again.  But it turned out that he needed to pee.  So what he did, after I lifted him over the fence, was to drop his pants and take a pee on the sidewalk to the amusement of all the people waiting in the queue.
  • Eventually, we were all able to enter the building, with one big room, in which there was a wide platform with fences to lean against.  The platform was surrounded by eight screens placed on the walls so that they surrounded the platform.  On the screens, video was shown  so that one had the visual sensation of being in the scene -- and the platform tilted and shook so one felt the physical sensation of being n the scene.  I thought it was cool, but Tony was scared.
  • Tony was most fascinated by a water fountain that was at the center of the amusement park.  Strong streams of water were shot in high arches above a fifty meter line of canopies and statues.  Upward projecting faucets shot the stream of water from both sides of the line.  It was here that we spent the last half hour of our time at the park.  When Tony saw me stand up, he thought that I wanted to leave so he encouraged me to sit down.
  • Tony curled up to sleep on the bus ride home.