Saturday, October 2, 2010

Notes about Tony on October 2

  • Tony went to Tesco with his parents.  He sat on his father's shoulders, not wanting to walk.
  • On the street, on the way to Tesco, a group of locals openly gawked at the sight of Tony being carried on his father's shoulders.
  • Tony can say "不要____" (bu yao something -- I not want).  He has said that he doesn't want to sleep, to take a bath, and eat his supper.
  • Tony likes to watch a DVD of Popeye cartoons.  Olive Oil, in Mandarin, has an unfortunate tendency to call Popeye "Bobby" over and over and over again; and Tony copys this, muttering "Bobby" at odd times for no reason.
  • Tony pulls down his pants and then tells his mom that he has to go to the bathroom.
  • On Saturday Morning, Tony tried to call his mom to the bedroom by saying "Jenny ah!" (Wuxi people end a lot of words in "ah!")
  • Tony said 等一下 (deng yixia - wait a little) when told it was time to take a bath.
  • Tony stills play with the Thomas the Train toy I bought him at the end of August.  I have found an old car with magnetic hitching that  attaches itself easily to the Thomas toy.  So now Tony can be seen playing with the train and car all the day, even bringing the toys with him to bed in the evening.