Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking Tony to School

Jenny, Tony's mother, woke up Monday morning and said she had a cold.  So she asked Andis to take Tony to school.  Andis asked if there was enough "juice" in the electric bike.  Jenny said there "should be".
Meanwhile, Tony was still asleep.  Jenny dressed him in his bright yellow school uniform while Tony kept his eyes shut tight.  Dressed to go to school, Tony laid on the bed.  Andis picked him up and gave him a hug.  Tony put his arms around Andis and laid his head on Andis's shoulder.  Singing a silly song to him, Andis was able to get the boy to open his eyes and smile.
Andis then stood Tony on the floor.  Jenny called him into the bathroom.  Hands and face washed, Tony went to the chair, besides the apartment entrance, to have his bright yellow and navy blue shoes put on -- the shoes matched his bright yellow school uniform.  Andis thought that he should have taken a photo.
Andis then carried Tony to where the electric bike was parked.  Tony was still sleepy and had his head on his father's shoulders.
Everything loaded on the bike, Andis turned the "ignition" key and immediately saw that there wasn't too much "juice" in the bike.  The bike was not accelerating very well and it showed no inclination to do its' top speed.  Andis muttered as "range anxiety" took over his thoughts - he imagined having to push the bike home while cursing Jenny via mobile phone.  He also wished that Jenny would buy a new battery for the bike.
But they did get to school.  Tony, despite standing on the bike, was able to snooze by leaning his head against the dash of the bike.
On arrival, Andis saw Tony behave in a new aspect.  Andis looked up from having locked the bike's rear wheel and couldn't see Tony.  Scanning the surroundings, Andis finally saw Tony lined up at the entrance to the school with the other kids to have his hands sprayed with some disinfectant.  Once he had his hands sprayed, Tony made his way to the classroom without needing his father's direction.  Tony actually seemed keen on going to school, his father noticed, as he saw that Tony was running to the classroom.   Andis was pleased to see Tony take the stairs without having to be carried.  At the classroom, Tony ran in to join his classmates.  Andis had to ask him for a hug and kiss before they parted.