Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tony and Andis board the bus

On the buses in Wuxi, you will find seats facing the aisles.  These seats are usually at the front of the bus near the driver.  The other seats on the bus will usually face the front (I have seen some buses that have seats facing the back).

Tuesday I boarded a bus with Tony after having picked him up from school.  There were no pairs of seats available.  My choices were a seat facing the aisle and a seat facing the front. I choose the seat facing the front.  As I sat down, I tried to put Tony on my lap, but he didn't want this.  He took the seat that was facing the aisle.

My first reaction was to ensure he was safe.  I looked at him and thought he was a secure and very confident little boy.  Looking as his eyes, I noticed he had a higher level or awareness of his surroundings.  I was impressed with his scanning of his surroundings,  his rolling of his eyes, and his independently brave inclination.