Sunday, October 17, 2010

More thoughts on Tony's Monday Morning Behavior

Kids grow and they become their own little entities, so I don't know why I should be so surprised by the independent behavior Tony exhibited when I dropped him off at his school this morning.  I must have this idea that Tony is still the crying amorphous mass that I first laid on eyes over three years ago.  Maybe I having a hard time changing my notion of him as a helpless little child who can't do anything without adult direction.  I must also be having a hard time getting rid of the image of Tony not wanting to go to school the first time I took him over a year ago.  It could also well be that I want him never grow up because I know he will want to be as independent of me as possible.

But the independence and initiative of Tony, that I saw this morning, was stunning to me and I can't help but want to blog about it.  He was hankering to enter a world that is very independent of his home, and his father and mother -- only three years ago, he was a baby that needed constant care. 

 I can't get over how fast children develop.   To me, it is just a revelation.  My childhood seemed a hundred years long.