Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Tony is doing in early May 2011

  • Tony wanted to poo.  He prefers to have his mother help him do this activity -- she will hold him over the toilet while his father would insist that Tony sit on the seat.  So, Tony ran to his mother to get her help.  But she told him to get his father to help him.  So, Tony pushed his father into the bedroom and slammed the door.  Tony then ran to his mother and told her again that he wanted to poo.
  • Tuesday morning, his mother told Tony to get up and get ready for school.  Tony rolled over and away from his mother.  He put his head into his two hands which were folded in a sleeping posture, and with a look of annoyance and coyness he looked towards his father.  His father asked him if he wanted to go to school, and he said "no!"
  • Tony dropped some cheese on the floor.  His father got some tissue paper to pick it up with.  Tony grabbed the paper from his father and tried to clean up the mess himself.