Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Dad got Tony to giggle.

Tony's father can be a silly at times. 

Last evening, in the apartment, Dad decided to take off all his clothes.  He walked into the bedroom where Tony lay playing with a toy.  Tony looked up at his naked father and smiled an amused smile.  Tony, his father realized, seemed to know that his parents being naked was usually inappropriate.  Tony's father then himself on his exposed buttocks while dancing, and Tony smiled all the more.

Dad then decided to go to the apartment's second bedroom where his wife (Tony's mother) was sitting at the computer.  After getting his wife's attention, Dad performed his slap-his-buttocks dance.  

Mom, found this amusing as well, and got up and chased Dad back to the first bedroom where Tony lay.  Mom pretended to spank his Dad for the benefit of Tony who giggled uncontrollably.