Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bathroom is on the first floor!

The Kaulins Family was going to go to this Chairman Mao Cultural Revolutionary Redux Restaurant that had just opened in the shopping complex near Casa K.  (Casa K is located in the Hui Shan District of Wuxi.)  This restaurant, however, had just opened on a Tuesday, and it being its opening weekend, there was no way the K family was going to get a table without waiting a hour.  So, they instead went to a Korean Restaurant, in the same shopping complex, that had opened a few months earlier.

The restaurant had no lineup.  They were immediately seated on the second floor of the restaurant.  

The little boy Tony was his usual rambunctious self running all over the restaurant and hardly taking the time to sit, eat, and drink. He did drink half a can of cola.  And so he had to use the bathroom.

Tony, when needing to use the bathroom, tells his parents what he needs to do, and they accompany him.  At the Korean Restaurant, he followed his usual procedure.   His Dad was to accompany him.  Dad, however, didn't know where the bathroom was, so to a restaurant staff girl, he asked "W.C. 在 那里?"  The staff girl answered "一楼", which meant the first floor.  Dad then turned to look for Tony, and saw that Tony already had his pants down.  Laughing, Dad pulled them up and took Tony downstairs.

Tony, at home, when having to use the bathroom, pulls his pants down and then head to the bathroom.