Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quiet at school but wants to be a rock star.

The K family invited Tony's kindergarten teacher to Casa K for supper on Monday evening.  The teacher, a female,  was from Columbia and Venezuela. 
She asked me what I thought was a strange question, about why Tony didn't seem to speak so much English.  I had thought he spoke a lot of English for a child in China.  But then I noticed how quiet Tony became around her.  The whole evening the teacher paid us a visit, Tony said very little, not being his normal chatterbox self. 
Tony, I learned from the teacher, is very shy at school.  He doesn't speak much to the other children and likes to do his own thing.  He does like to show off his vocabulary for his ma and pa around whom he isn't shy.  But bring a stranger into the mix and he clams up.
Tony, the past few evenings, has, you maybe already know, been pretend-playing his toy guitar and singing along to the music of the punk-ear band the Jam.  Last evening, he found a toy microphone to sing into while playing his guitar along with either an MP3 or video of the Jam.  Last night, after having had his bath, he went into the living room; after which, I saw him sitting the sofa, his toy guitar in his lap as he watched the Jam video.
Video of Tony doing this will soon be on the Internet  -- worry not!