Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tony being grumpy is a sign he is tired.

I decided to push my luck with Tony Saturday evening, in my on-going battle with him over whether my DVD or his DVD gets played in the DVD player.  Surprisingly, I meet with little resistance as I put in my DVD of the Sons of Anarchy t.v. show.  I watched my DVD and Tony seemed more interested in playing with his toys.

Then, Tony got back at me.  Ten minutes into my show, Tony said "no sit down!"  and handed me a toy car -- he wanted me to play toy cars with him.  This slightly threw me off my DVD watching.  Then, he wanted me to help him find a "blue toy".   He pulled me into the bedroom -- I paused the DVD first -- and he looked under the bed all the time talking of a "blue toy."  I looked under the bed with him and saw nothing.  I looked on the bed for a new toy, and found nothing.  I returned to the living room and put the DVD on again, but Tony got whiny.  "Blue toy!  Blue toy!"  he kept saying.  I paused the DVD again, and found whatever blue toy of his I could find, and asked him if this was the "blue toy".  He kept saying "no!" and his anger intensified and intensified for over ten minutes.  I then got so annoyed that I spanked him and earned me the ire of his mother.

Tony then whined to his mother, and asked her if he could take a bath.  She said she was too tired and so Tony threw a complete fit.  He flopped around like he was Tony Esposito.

Eventually, his mother washed his feet, gave him some warm milk, tucked him in bed, and he fell fast asleep.

I was able to watch the entire episode of the Sons of Anarchy show, but I will probably have to re-watch it since Tony distracted me enough.

Tony won that battle of the DVD player.