Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Tony & Bad Tony

Here is the bad:
  • Tony, the past few days, has been very grumpy before he goes to sleep.  He kicks up quite the fuss at bedtime.  Last night, he wailed for ten minutes before finally jumping in bed.
  • It is hard to get Tony to pose in group photos.  We learned this yesterday at the portrait studio.
  • Tony wouldn't let his father watch his DVD last night.
Here is the good:
  • Tony said "There is the 25 bus!" and "Mei you Taxi!"
  • Tony does alright in the photo studio when he is by himself in the photo.  Yesterday's photo session will yield many good poses.
  • While Tony didn't let his father watch "Sons of Anarchy", he did at least take out the DVD from player and give the DVD to his father.  Tony did so based on his father's oral directions.
  • Tony is an angel when he's asleep.