Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Night Tony?

Tony's father had to go to bed because he had to go to work the next day.  Tony was still up, playing in the living room.  Tony's father bade Tony farewell as he went to the bedroom to get into bed and do a little reading before lights out.

"Good night Tony!"

"Good night Daddy!"  Tony's father assumed Tony understood what was happening.
Tony's father took off his clothes that kept him warm in his Chinese apartment.  He tucked himself in, opened a book about Chinese characters and quickly became absorbed in it.
Tony then walked into the bedroom.  He said "Daddy!  What are you doing?"  He then grabbed his father's arm to pull his father out of bed.  He then looked for his father's slippers.
Tony's father got out of bed and got dressed.  The indoor chill of the Chinese apartment hit his exposed skin like a bucket of cold water.  He followed Tony into the living room.
Tony stopped in the center of the living room, and pointed towards a shelf from which he wanted his father to pull something down.  His father guessed Tony wanted a "piggy bank" filled with small coins, small candy packages, and some plastic coin-like slugs.  Dad's guess turned out to be correct.  As soon as he was handed it, Tony happily emptied the contents of the piggy bank on the sofa so he could put them back into the piggy bank.
Tony's father was exasperated as he returned to the comfort of the bed.  He thought to himself: "What part of Good Night Tony! don't you understand?"