Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to School for Tony Boy!

  • Tony went to school this morning after having had all of February off.  Dad had thought Tony was going to put up a big fuss this first school morning, but, in fact ,Tony's complaints were minimal and Tony's actions were often collaborative instead of being combative.  Yesterday evening, Tony went to bed at eleven p.m., instead of midnight as he had been, with minimal fuss.  In the morning, Tony didn't flop around like his namesake Tony Esposito.  He instead grabbed a toy and exhibited a calmness that amazes his father who still gets got-to-go-to-work butterflies.
  • It should also be said that Tony arose easily at 745 in the morning which was amazing since only yesterday, he got up at 1100. 
  • The first thing Tony said when he woke up this morning was "gei wo che" or "give me a car!"    He went to bed with his toy cars last night.
  • Dad has forgot to mention that on February 23, Tony hit a milestone:  He is three and a half years old (or as his mother says "san nian ban le" or "三年半了." )