Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tony will never be a great ping-pong player

Tony, his father has discovered, is the youngest student in his class.  It explains why he was not as well-behaved as the other students in his class when they did a class show recently.  Maturity levels can differ greatly over a period of months for toddlers.  Tony was born August 23.  If he was born a week later on September 1, he would have been the oldest member of his class, instead of being the youngest and least mature.

Tony's father was born December 24. In Canada, the cut-off birthday is January 1 so Andis spent his life being the youngest in his class.

Like father, like son!

Tony's father remembers reading somewhere on the Internet that  in Canada, all the good hockey players are usually born in January or February because of a cut-off date for levels being again January 1.  January or February born hockey players having greater physical maturity have more success which means more ice-time and other training advantages that their later-born-in-the-year teammates and opponents lack.

Tony will have the same problems, his father assumes, with becoming a great ping-pong player.