Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Notes about the Tony Boy

  • Tony can say:  "Hello Daddy!" , "I love you Mommy", "Bao-Bao ai Mama!" , "Whatcha doing Daddy?", colors, numbers, "If you are happy and you know it", and so on.
  • Tony opened the door to let  in his father who was coming home from work.  He said "Hello Daddy!" as he did so.  Daddy loved this.
  • Tony has, in the last week, developed a nasty habit of dumping the contents of his toy pail on the floor.  As Andis said in a Youtube video, he is a master of chaos.
  • Tony don't like wearing hats.
  • Tony put a favorite toy of his in his mother's purse.  His parents couldn't find this particular toy for two weeks as Tony had put the toy in a small change purse and then put it in his mom's purse.  His mom actually witnessed Tony putting the coin purse  in her purse, but she never thought that Tony was being sneaky -- she didn't know the toy was in the coin purse.