Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tony behaves historically and exemplarily well at his father's school's 2011 Chinese New Year Dinner

Tony's behavior at Saturday Evening's 2011 HyLite School Spring Festival Dinner was the stuff of legend.  He was very well-behaved unlike the 2010 Dinner where he wouldn't sit still and tried to run away from the event.  He sat and watched the affair, without a need to rush the stage or play with musical instruments.  He wasn't loud or rowdy, instead maintaining a shy and dignified reticence that made him seem all the more charming and cute to onlookers.  His covering and plugging his ears was his mature way of dealing with the the loudness and poor quality singing that the affair unfortunately had accompany it -- it gave all offenders pause for reflection.  At the end of evening, he most graciously held his father's gloves as his father was putting on his jacket, and then handed the gloves to his father.

If eternity could give out awards for saintly behavior, Tony would have deserved to have gotten one last night.