Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tony cries when he sees a Dora DVD

Tony loves watching Dora, a cartoon show, on DVD these days.
The extent of his love for the show was made evident to his parents as he threw a fit at a restaurant, Sunday evening, when he saw another child carrying a recently-bought DVD copy of the Dora show.  Tony may have thought that the boy had taken the DVD, or that only he was entitled to have a DVD -- Tony had tried to grab the Dora DVD from the other little boy.
To placate Tony, his father took him to the closest DVD shop.  There were no Dora DVDs but Tony was silenced with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.  Tony took the Mickey Mouse DVD to the front of the store and threw it on the desk to initiate the purchasing process.
Back at the restaurant, Tony put the DVD in his father's backpack.
Back home, Tony told his mother to take it out of the backpack.