Monday, April 26, 2010

Tony's inhumanities to his Dad.

Maybe, I deserve these indignities that I get every once in a while from Tony.  I do sort of look of him as a brat rival for his mother's attentions. It may well be that  I am one of the most immature fathers in the history of fatherhood.

But I should first tell you what these indignities are.  Often he likes to slap me in the head.  This could be just because of our horseplay.  He doesn't do this to his mother who he has a fear of.  He also pushes me away when I try and give him a kiss.  Monday morning, he practically stiff-armed me in the face when I tried to kiss him good-bye.  And after that, he even didn't return my "Good Bye!" as he will usually do.  I wonder if I did something to earn his annoyance or if he was just in a grumpy mood.