Sunday, April 18, 2010

AKIC is indispensable for TKIC

From this article in Mercator:

...there is also evidence that fathers make some unique contributions. (to raising children)

Probably the best known example is that fathers tend to rough-house with their young children -- infants and toddlers -- they throw them up in the air, tickle them and so on, usually getting them all wound up and emotional, and, yes, sometimes alarming the mother. But developmental psychologists view this as a good thing because it's an opportunity for children to learn emotional regulation, and this is a very important developmental task.

As children get a little bit older they confront lots of opportunities for their emotions to boil up, and to the rough-housing prepares them for this: how to soothe yourself, how to settle yourself down -- all of which is important when kids first start school, since being able to settle down and focus is conducive to learning. This is something that fathers do; mothers tend not to do this.

AKIC does roughhousing with TKIC all the time!