Friday, April 9, 2010

The Tony -- Tumbly-Bo Reunion

Friday, as I may have mentioned in an earlier entry, Tony took his favourite doll Tumbly-Bo downtown with him before leaving it at the KFC restaurant so he could go to the playground there.  I then put Tumbly-Bo in my backpack and kept it there the rest of the day.
Later in the afternoon, my wife phoned asking if I had the doll -- she had come to the preschool to pick up Tony.  Jenny later told me that she had asked Tony about the doll.  The mere mention of Tumbly-Bo seemed to stop Tony in his tracks -- he had been wanting his mother to pick him up, but then hearing his doll's name putting him in a contemplative mood.
I returned home from work late in the evening with Tumbly-Bo in my bag.  At the apartment entrance, I pulled out the doll and Tony immediately ran over, giving the doll a big hug, and jumping up and down with tremendous excitement.