Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Tony Log for April 19, 2010

Sunday Evening, Tony was at the computer watching episodes of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on a Chinese video channel.

Tony's father wasn't impressed.  He was hoping to interact with his son after a long day of teaching.  He didn't have the heart to deal with Tony's most certain protests, so he retired to his room to read.

But Tony starting making screams indicating annoyance.  His father went to investigate but couldn't determine what was bothering Tony.  The father went back to his reading.

But then the computer's volume was raised to a very loud level -- Tony did this for some reason.  Tony's father put the volume down upsetting Tony.  Tony did calm down so back went the father to reading.

The volume was raised again.  Tony father's put it down and then found a way to stop Tony from playing with the volume dial on the speaker.  Tony was upset and calmed down.  Back to reading, went the father.

The volume was raised again.  This time Tony's mother went to lower the volume and told Tony that there was to be no more Mickey Mouse.  So, Tony's father turned off the computer and endured ten minutes of passionate protest from Tony.