Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tony is at Preschool -- Running the spectrum of emotions.

We got him out of bed.

He was happy to leave the house.  He gave Jenny a good bye kiss.

At the bus stop, he got cranky.  I don't know why.

Boarding the bus, he got very angry when I wouldn't let him put a coin in the change box -- when I gave him my bus pass, he didn't want to use it.

Getting to our seat, Tony threw his hat and my card on the floor.  He then did a "I am not getting my way" flop which amused all the other passengers.

The rest of the way, he was cranky.

Off the bus, he became very happy and talkative.

At the preschool, he wanted to first take a pee.

After this, he ran excitedly to the play area.  He gave me a cheerful good-bye kiss.

I went to take a pee myself.  Tony then saw me leave and he started crying.