Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tony at Preschool: a report.

Jenny tells me that the teachers at the preschool have told her that Tony is a generous kid and knows how to play with toys.  One of these two  traits must definitely have come from his mother; I may know how to play with some toys.  

Jenny tells me that Tony's generosity comes from the fact that he is richer than the other kids there.  This thought seems so alien to me -- I have always thought of myself as a  poor sot.  But dumb self-centered me, I haven't realized, or have forgotten how fortunate my position is here relative to most of the locals.  I feel like such a sap now, to put it mildly.  

When Tony plays with toys, the preschool teacher told Jenny, the other kids watch, not knowing what to do.  Again, this is because Tony has more toys than the other children.  Again, I feel the sap because of some beastly behavior you will about in another blog of mine.