Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tony the Anarchist

Lawrence of Arabia meets Bin Laden
Lawrence of Arabia made a name for himself blowing up trains during World War One; Osama Bin Laden reveled in anarchistic behavior and destruction.   These two people come to mind as I witness Tony's attitude to his train set.  Last night, he took the track and wrapped around his neck.  He then took the engine and pushed it all the furniture.  Granted having the train go round-and-round the track is boring, but the embracing of anarchy, in the place of boredom and order, has to be condemned.
Tony falls asleep twice
Twice, I took Tony out of the apartment; twice I carried him back to the apartment asleep.  The first time, we were on the electric bike.  He stood between my legs, propped between my legs and arms.  The second time, we were walking.  Tony was on my shoulders when all-of-a-sudden, he slid down into my arms, handed me the MP3 player he was listening to, and put his head on my shoulders, quickly nodding off -- the smoothness of the maneuver to a sleeping position along with the presence of mind to make sure I had control of the MP3 player astonished me.
Sneaky Bugger
Tony went into the bathroom, closed the door, trying to conceal from us the fact that he wanted to play with things forbidden to him like creams, toothpaste, and brushes.  These things were around the sink, and he even brought over a chair to stand on so he could reach them.