Thursday, May 20, 2010

Observing Tony

  • Tony rides his bike through the apartment, running over his toys to which he seems to be oblivious.
  • Tony has a bad cough that he must have caught at preschool.  It is a deep cough - very moist and so seeming to come from well in his chest.
  • Tony sees rocks near a construction site. He wants to pick them up and throw them into the next body of water he would find.  His father doesn't let Tony do this  because they won't be going near any canals. He tries to tell Tony that this desire is very impractical at that moment.  But, Tony immediately throws a fit and tries to throw his hat on the ground.  Thankfully, his father catches the hat.  But after this, Tony screams as his father tries to carry him through downtown streets.  Together, they are quite the sight for passers-by:  Tony screaming, his foreign father alternately wrestling and ignoring him.
  • Tony has gotten his exit visa permitting him to leave the People's Republic.  He will be going to Canada, the country of which he is a citizen, next month.
  • Tony and his father are having pillow fights.  His father flings a pillow at his head.  Tony picks up the pillow and flings it back.  Something, he wouldn't have done one month ago.
  • Tony fell into some water while taking a walk with his father at a square near their apartment.    Two white concrete slabs covered this hole full of water.  Tony stepped on them, they gave way, and Tony was into water up to his waist -- the second time he has soaked himself at this square.