Saturday, May 29, 2010

First place and Dead Last?

Saturday, Jenny took Tony to some competition with other babies of similar age.  She had been training him for the competition by getting him to screw and unscrew these plastic screw and nuts as fast as possible. 
This training paid off because Tony came in first beating all the smaller, but same-aged, Chinese babies at screwing and unscrewing the plastic pieces.
However, he failed in the second part of the competition in which the child had cross two fences, pick up a toy penguin, come back, and give the penguin to his parent.  He apparently didn't understand what was required of him.  Jenny said that he took the two fences and made a bridge out of them. 
Jenny, ever the perfectionist, was very disappointed with Tony's performance and had Andis thinking, by her tone, that Tony had come in dead last in both parts of the competition.  It turned out, he won one part, and that in the second competition, only one child did what was required.
It sounded like he did all right.