Friday, May 4, 2012

The Little Bugger

Dad was not at impressed with Tony on Friday evening.  When Dad arrived home from work, Tony was in a mischievous mood and thought it was amusing to take away one of the slippers which Dad was trying to put on upon entering the apartment.

Dad chased Tony down and took the slipper back and put it on.  Tony should have left it at that, but he protested and he then decided to try and grab the slipper off Dad's foot.  He grabbed a hold of Dad's foot, tackling him as it were, and wouldn't let go.  Dad, who was in an icy mood because of work, wasn't at all amused.  He screamed at Tony to stop, but Tony wouldn't.

Kicking himself free from Tony, Dad tried to undress and wash himself.   But, Tony kept on attacking.  At the sink, Dad took some water and splashed Tony with it.  Tony laughed and would later take some water and try to splash Dad with it.  Tony then decided to spit at Dad and Dad really went off his rocker.

Dad had to get Mom to intervene.  She screamed at Tony for what it was worth.  Dad, still very annoyed, tried to get Tony to realized the extreme gravity of the spitting, but Tony maintained a petulant silence accompanied by a sneering smile.  Tony wouldn't say he was sorry when asked.

Dad figured that Tony picked up the bad behavior at school where in a class of 30, there was bound to be a few children with miscreant tendencies.  

Dad also wondered if he was being imitated by Tony.  For he thought to himself, that surely he had been that way himself in the past.