Saturday, May 5, 2012

Daddy! Finish the Beer!

Dad had a second beer, with his meal,  at the restaurant.  So, he was in a rare situation, for him, of being finished eating before he was finished drinking his beer.

Tony was finished eating too.  As he was wont to do, he was antsy and wanted to get out of the restaurant.  Dad had also promised him that they would go to a nearby toy store.

So Tony said something that he had never said before to his father:  "Daddy!   Finish the beer!"   

In such a hurry was Tony, to get to the toy store, that he even took the bottle of beer and poured it into Dad's glass.  

Dad was very amused by what Tony had said and by Tony's actions.  He had Mom record the beer-pouring on video.  Of course, the video will soon be on the Internet.