Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tony surprises

Actually, Tony surprises his father a lot.  But that is why Tony's father enjoys being a parent, and supremely regrets that he didn't become a parent sooner in his life.

But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops being a parent.  Getting Tony to wake up in the morning, for instance, is a chore.  Father understands and empathizes with Tony's protestations about having to get up and go to school.  But Father knows it has to be done.

Friday morning, however, Tony could sleep in.  His grandparents were in town, and it was his grandmother's birthday.  Friday, there was to be a birthday lunch for Grandma, and Tony was going to get school off so he could attend.  Tony was, of course, asleep well past the time he would have had to get up to go to school.  Dad knew that getting Tony up would be a little easier this day, but he still suspected that when Tony did have to get up, there would be a struggle.

So it was a great surprise to see Tony run out of the bedroom, in his pajamas and barefeet, without prompting.  What happened was that Mom's mobile, which was in the bedroom, was ringing.  Tony decided to get up and take the phone to Mom who was in the kitchen.  Dad took the phone from him and gave it to Mom.  Tony went back to bed, and Dad thanked him for his surprising thoughtfulness.