Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spanking him doesn't stop him

Tony was a bad boy Wednesday Night.  In bed, he was playing with the Ipad at midnight.  We took it away and told him to go to sleep, but he protested.  He demanded that we give the Ipad back to him and cried like the big baby he was when he didn't.

Mom took the Ipad out of the bedroom.  Tony was left with me on the bed.  I tried to comfort him all the while trying to get him to smarten up.  It didn't work.  He started kicking at me and tried to scratch my face.  I spanked him.  He cried but went after me again.  And I spanked him again.  And he attacked me again.  

Mom came into the room and told him that she was going to take him out of the apartment.  This scared the heck out of him.  He then asked me for his bottle which I gave him.  He cuddled up to me for a brief moment before he started to roll and kick again...