Friday, August 26, 2011

The current state of Tony's development.

  • Tony currently has a sense of entitlement.  e.g. he cried when the front seat on a bus was occupied -- he had become so used to getting it.
  • Tony likes to hit his Daddy.  He wouldn't dare do that to his mother.
  • Tony goes in the living room.  He is looking for something.  Dad asks Tony what he is looking for.  Tony replies that he is looking for a black mobile phone.  Dad later learns that Tony likes to use the phone's camera feature.
  • Tony still likes listening to the Jam.
  • Tony likes to watch Ultramon.
  • Tony loves the Ipad.
  • Tony is not so interested in his big collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.  He likes them at the store enough to insist that someone buys them for him.  But as soon as he gets home, he has got to play with the Ipad or the train set.
  • Tony will put things away when he is told to.
  • Tony always asks his father for milk.