Friday, July 15, 2011

Tony tries to hit Tom the Talking Cat with a toy guitar

Tony really likes the Tom the Talking Cat App on the Ipad.  (He also likes the talking dog and giraffe Apps as well.)  For those of you who haven't see the App, I will tell you that the user can, because of the Ipad touch screen, scratch, slap, and punch Tom the cat and the cat will react accordingly.  You can even talk in Tom's ear and he will repeat what you say.  

Tony, as I have been saying, can spend hours with the App.  I guess that instead of being bored of it, as I have quickly become, Tony has thought of new ways to punish the cat.  My wife tells me that on Friday, Tony took his toy guitar and decided to hit Tom with it.  In other words, he was trying to smash the Ipad with a guitar!

Horrifying to an Ipad owner, and yet somehow funny.