Monday, July 18, 2011

How many times did Dad spank Tony today?

Three that he can remember. 
Monday is Dad's day off from school and when he can spend a lot of time with Tony.  So many opportunities arise for Dad when spanking seemed the prudent action.
Tony is in the phase of his childhood where he wants, he wants, he wants, and he has the vocabulary to say so. **  He is also reckless enough to run away from his parents intent on his desires but not thoughtful enough to think of the consequences.  To reason with him is useless, though Dad believes that the reasoning must happen so Tony can become attune to the vocabulary.  There is also a chance, Dad believes, that Tony will understand something of the tone of reason begging him to think of consequences.
But reason and its tone can only go so far.  Children have their reasons, which are reasonable enough if you take their point of view which is  that desires must be immediately satisfied.  But adults would be fools or children to reason from their own immediate desires.  One of which is to satisfy their child's desires and another of which is to somehow not have to use physical force on a child.  One must spank.
At a restaurant, Tony was playing with a door.  Dad first asked Tony to sit down.  Tony didn't listen.  Dad then grabbed Tony by the hand.  Tony didn't want to come along.  Dad then grabbed Tony by the arm and meet further resistance.  Time to spank.
In the supermarket, Tony gets a toy car, which his parents reluctantly agree to buy for him.  But then he asks for more.  Time to spank.
At home, Tony is leaning out a window three floors above the ground.  Very dangerous.  He resists his father pulling him in.  For his own good, time to spank.
**Does the I want, I want, I want phase ever end?  Does it extend to adulthood and beyond?