Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tony trys to hum the song he wants to hear.

Tony can be quite particular about his music.  He knows what he likes and becomes angry if he doesn't hear the song he wants.  I would say his reaction to music, he doesn't like, is comparable to the audiences who rioted when they first heard the atonal music of Arnold Schoenburg.  Tony flops and cries in agony.

Last night, I gave my mobile phone so he could listen to some music.  I loaded up the phone with MP3's of songs by U2 and the Jam (a British punk band).  Tony happens to like these bands because he has watched their videos over and over and again on DVD.  When I put the MP3 player on, he got upset at the songs he was hearing.  And not only did he get upset, he tried to hum the tune of the song he wanted to listen to.  I had a hard time figuring out this was what Tony was trying to do, till Jenny told me.

Finally, Tony was listening to his song -- Going Underground by The Jam -- and was trying to sing along.

He fell asleep clutching the MP3 player.