Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Little Bugger

Last night, about three in the morning, Tony awoke, and was tossing and turning and whining.  He had his father get up to get him some milk and also help him pee (the procedure is that Tony stands up in bed, and one of his parents gets a cup for him to pee into).  Both his father and mother tried to assuage him, but he wouldn't tell them the sort of his distress. 

It was an agonizing hour for all three members of the K family till Tony finally fell back to sleep.

In the morning, Tony's mother and father woke up tired and felt dazed.  Tony's father in fact overslept.  Dad thought that Tony, being so irritable in the night, was going to be a hard one to wake up.  It turned out Tony wasn't -- he woke up quite easily and seemed very cheery as his mother got him ready to go to school.